Friday, 8 March 2013

Hidden Treasures

You may be pleased to know that although art does not always go up in value, it is far more likely that it will than with most other investments. Its value can be largely attributed to the stature and popularity of the artist. It must also be highlighted that in many cases an artist becomes more famous after their deaths in years to come.

The value of your prized art collection could double, perhaps even triple in future so the importance of storing your art appropriately is paramount and is essential in the fine art of investing.

Take Peter Doig’s painting The Architect’s Home in the Ravine for example; the piece sold at auction in 2002 for £314,650, 11 years later in February 2013 the piece sold for a whopping £7.7 million!

Now we’re not saying storing your art with us will automatically make it go up in value! But Cube is the ideal place to store your art, preserving its value in the hope that one day it will have appreciated extensively.
We have a temperature controlled storage facility that maintains temperature requirements and humidity levels effectively protecting your artworks from premature aging, dust and mold  Not to mention our state of the art security systems, your artworks really are in safe hands.

Get in contact now to make arrangements to take advantage of our state of the art facility and specialist services to store your art investments.