Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Don’t Let Your Art Disappear

Keep your art safe and secure at Cube Fine Art Services. Our 24 hour digital CCTV is in operation both inside and outside all areas of the facility. Each unit is individually alarmed and monitored from our reception. Furthermore our temperature controlled storage facility with cooling accuracy within one degree Celsius protects your artwork from fading away through natural wear and tear. Heat, cold, dust, mould and humidity will not prematurely age your art in our units.

However, not everybody wants to keep their art visible! Chinese artist, Liu Bolin creates art work which he blends into the background so that it seems to disappear. His project “Hiding in the City” sees him merge his own body into his surroundings so that from a certain angle he appears invisible. But Bolin’s art carries a powerful message regarding China as a country and the role of the individual within. After having his studio torn down by the government, he made himself disappear as they so wished. Through cleverly disappearing in front of magazine racks and coal heaps, Lui Bolin’s pictures are conveying a strong political message.

Luckily for Bolin, here at Cube Fine Art Services, we are aware that every piece of art is unique and adapt to the individual. This February we are offering a free storage consultation to assess the best storage environment for your art... we’ll even try and sort something out for the disappearing kind!
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